Concerts in Motion

About Us: Expanded Mission

The mission of Concerts in Motion is to provide the service of live concerts to homebound, hospitalized, or otherwise isolated individuals throughout New York City. Quality of music performance is a high priority: Our professional musicians are top-level performers who play on Broadway or in the orchestras of Lincoln Center or have freelance careers that take them to venues around the world. Likewise, CiM's youth performers are musically talented, and CiM fosters relationships with private music teachers and with teachers at public, private, parochial, and charter schools to ensure that the youth involved in our programs are performance-ready.

As committed as we are to quality performance, Concerts in Motion is not only an arts organization. Our goal is to foster meaningful connections and relieve social isolation through the medium of music. Thus our desired audience includes homebound individuals, patients at hospitals (including VA, psychiatric, and children's), nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, groups at senior centers, residences, and other facilities, visitors to soup kitchens and community food pantries, and people with physical or cognitive disabilities, both developmental and those acquired later in life.

We maintain a geographic scope that includes all five boroughs of New York City, and have been increasingly expanding our programming beyond Manhattan. Concerts in Motion's repertory can be thought of as "the music most beloved by those we are reaching," which means that it is crucial for us to maintain a roster of musicians who can fulfill the many different requests we receive. We are proud to say that CiM has never received a request we were unable to meet: our musicians can perform classical, jazz, rock, Calypso, Chinese folk, Yiddish, Latin, klezmer, Northern Indian raag, and more.

Concerts in Motion's commitment to education is manifest in our Youth Series, through which youth ages 4-18 are able to use their talents in service to people in need. With the help of the leadership training we provide, young performers learn how to engage the audiences before, during, and after concerts, including those who are quite frail and have Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, or other challenging conditions. As a result of this training, youth participants understand that their performance is a catalyst for a meaningful interaction with those they are reaching. Some of their parents have told us that they have watched their child grow up before their eyes as a result of involvement with Concerts in Motion. As well, participating youth aged 13 and older are given the opportunity to attend a Speakers' Series in which members and friends of Concerts in Motion's Board and Parent Council describe their professional journey. Concerts in Motion offers this series to thank participating youth for their service and to empower them as they engage in the college application process by introducing them to a range of professional options.

Concerts in Motion's commitment to diversity is evident in the range of those we reach; our concert recipients are diverse with respect to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and physical and intellectual ability. Our commitment to diversity is also evident in our professional musician roster, which includes performers from a range of backgrounds and ethnicities, and in our Youth Series, which welcomes and actively encourages participation from students regardless of their ability to access formal music training. We also encourage intergenerational collaboration through our concerts that present younger and older people performing together.