Concerts in Motion

About Us: Professional Musicians

Over the course of our life as an organization, we have presented over 300 musicians. We feel lucky to live in a city with so many talented and kind musicians. Our city is brimming with talent. Our city is also brimming with individuals who can benefit from relief from social isolation for a multitude of reasons. Music is a terrific tool that can bring so much relief in an instant.

In the last six months the following musicians have provided beautiful music for these individuals. Those that we send to reach the community are kind, caring, incredibly talented and offer their time and talents for the highest purpose - to bring meaning through their music which leads to relief from social isolation for their listeners whatever the circumstances.

Our role as an organization is to connect musicians who feel called to do this work with a large landscape of essential service agencies serving so many different communities. By playing the music most beloved by their listeners, our musicians make a tremendous impact and we feel honored to present them.

We are so grateful to them for their care in doing this work in private home settings, group settings and rolling with so much that they encounter in the community. Those that receive their visits and their music tell them how lucky they feel. We agree and feel the same way.

Yael Acher; flute  jazz, Jewish, Latin, classical

Aaron Alexander; drums, violin  klezmer, jazz

Tomoya Aomori; cello, double bass, percussion, piano  classical

Frances Asher Perrin; voice  Broadway

Chris Bacas; saxophone, flute, clarinet  jazz

Luisa Bastidas; violin  Latin, jazz

Jainardo Batista Sterling; percussion & voice  Latin, jazz

Jonathan Beshay; tenor sax  jazz

Karen Bogardus; flute  classical

Jeremy Bosch (De Jesus); voice/flute  Latin, jazz

Howard Britz; piano  motown

Leonid Bruk; contrabass - balalaika  Russian

Vicki Burns; voice  jazz

Carla Cantrelle; voice  folk, rock

John Cave; guitar/voice  jazz, latin

Sean Condron; Guitar/banjo  folk, blues, bluegrass, some 50s-60s R&B

Kellie Cullinan; soprano  classical, musical theatre

Nick Demopoulos; guitar  jazz, pop, latin

Cassandra Douglas; voice  opera

Shailah Edmonds; voice  jazz/Motown/pop

James Finn; flute, sax  classical

Will Frampton; viola  classical

David Freyre; voice, latin percussion  Latin, jazz

Josh Friedman; guitar  folk

Binyomin Ginzberg; keyboard  Klezmer

Bill Girolamo; guitar  classical

Assaf Gleizner; piano  jazz

Mariella Gonzalez; voice  Latin

Romina Gurian; soprano  opera

Rachel Handman; violin  classical, fiddle

Kofi Hayford; bass  opera

Yaacov (Koby) Hayon; guitar, bass, oud  jazz

Jia-Yi He; harmonica  variety

Satomi Hofmann (Arnold); voice, guitar, piano, perc.  Irish, Rock, cabaret, Bway

Roman Ivanoff; keyboards  jazz

JJ (Justin) Johnson; viola  classical

Julia MinJeong Kang; cello  classical

Thomas Keidel; guitar, voice  jazz, pop, classical

Henry Koperski; piano, sax, accordion  jazz, standards, musical theatre, pop

Linda (Lyudmila) Kunkin; voice  Jewish, jazz, pop

Douglas (Doug) Leblang; 1 man Klezmer band  Klezmer

Joshua Levine; bass, voice (and guitar, accordion)  jazz

Wei-Yang Andy Lin; erhu, viola  Chinese, classical

Audrey Lo; violin  classical

Noah Luft-Weissberg; violin  classical, gypsy, fiddle

Jessica Meyer; viola  Classical

Nori (Noriatsu) Naraoka; bass  jazz

Tereasa Payne; flute/world flutes/reeds  world music

Boris Pelekh; guitar  rock/pop

Suzy Perelman; violin  classical, Jewish

Marc Phaneuf; flute/clarinet/sax  jazz, pop

Hajnal Pivnick; violin  anything/klezmer/Hungarian Gypsy

Abby Powell; voice  Jazz standards with a few popular music hits from the 60s 70s 80s and 90s

Jon Price; bass/guitar/vocals  rock, pop, jazz

Kellie Rentz-Bruneau; voice/guitar/piano  rock/pop

Faith Roberson; voice/spoken word  jazz

David Robison; piano  classical, Bway, pop

Nelly Rocha; cello  classical

Ben Rosenblum; keyboard, accordion  Klezmer, jazz

Mike Rosengarten; guitar  jazz, pop

David Rosenthal; guitar  jazz

Christopher Scanlon; trumpet  classical, jazz

Evan Schwam; sax, flute, clarinet  jazz

Jake Schwartz; guitar  classical, rock, jazz, Broadway

Autumn Shepherd; violin  classical

Arri Simon; piano, voice, clarinet  Broadway, classical, accompanying

Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch; clarinet, sax, piano, voice  Jewish, all

Nadav Snir-Zelniker; drums & percussion  jazz

Paul Stein; accordion, melodica, claviola, voice  Yiddish and Hebrew, pop

Denise Stillwell; violin/viola  classical

Ben Sutin; violin, piano  Klezmer, Jewish

Etsuko Tajima; piano  jazz

Leonard Thompson; piano  jazz

Calvin Thompson; bass singer  classical

Ashley Tobias; voice  rock/pop/theatre

Lee Tomboulian; piano/keyboard  jazz

Greg Utzig; guitar  Broadway, classical

Bryan Vargas; guitar/voice  latin

Andrea Veneziani; double bass, electric bass  classical, jazz, Latin, jewish

Francisco "Yily Nelson" Veras; guitar/voice  latin, jazz, pop

Tamara Volskaya; domra & mandolin  Russian

Jon Weiss; piano/voice  Latin music, Italian music, Jewish music

Orlando Wells; violin/viola  classical

Vlad West; keyboard  Jewish, popular, ethnic

Keve Wilson; oboe, also some piano  classical, jazzy

Zhou Yi  Chinese

Miao Yimin; flute  Chinese

Wan-Ling Yu; erhu  Chinese